Juan "The Ghost Warrior" Torres

Juan Torres has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years and has been teaching the arts since he was 17, at the same age he turned professional in the art of Kickboxing. Juan Torres accumulated an impressive professional career record that included multiple titles at different weight classes from 135 lbs. to 147 lbs. including six world championships. As a professional boxer, Mr. Torres gained the knowledge and savvy of the business side of the sport and the art of corner working, becoming a great corner man and cut man along the way. Whether you are an executive martial artist, weekend warrior or a professional mixed martial arts fighter looking to get in shape or preparing for the big match, Mr. Torres and the rest of the Torres MMA Sport team offer complete professional support and coaching. 
Jessey "The Sacred Warrior" Torres

With over 20 years of Martial Arts experience that include Boxing, Kickboxing, his continual learning of the ground fighting arts and his immaculate corner work makes Jessey a great coach and asset to Torres MMA Sport. Jessey has been raised in the martial arts since the tender age of three and completely understands the mechanics of the arts. Jessey’s knowledge and willingness to teach, coach and guide in a friendly and comradely manner makes it easy for anyone to comprehend what he teaches.  
Hector "The Silent Warrior" Torres

With over 35 years of Martial Arts experience, multiple American and international Kickboxing title belts to his name and his continual cardiovascular system development that includes mountain and road bicycling, trail running, paddle boarding, weight lifting, swimming and other recreational activities makes for an exciting, fun but effective approach into building any cardiovascular system and preparing it for competition.


Steve Pellegrino
Ramos Cruz
James Stevenson
Wayne Lacno
Daniel Ceballos
A Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt and decorated Kickboxer known for his aggressive and punishing grappling style.  d text.
Former King of the Cage amateur World Champion has recently started his professional MMA career.  
Top collegiate Greco-Roman Wrestler with many years of grappling experience. 
Hawaiian Kempo and Kajukenbo Grand Master.
Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt.